I hate the term ‘New Years Resolution’. Every year I bounce around a generic aim that I know I won’t achieve and will be forgotten by all before we hit February 1st. So this year, instead of pinning my hopes of one resolution, I’m going to make a list of goals that I hope to achieve within 2018. Yes, some of them are generic, but some of them are personal goals that I want to all piece together to make sure that 2018 is a successful year for me. 2017 wasn’t necessarily a bad year for me, but it just felt really uneventful and made me feel like crap looking back knowing that I didn’t make the most of it at all.

Here are my goals for 2018, I’ll keep you all (yes, all 67 of you) updated as I achieve each goal.

Be positive – I walked into 2017 with a face like thunder and am walking out with it looking the same. Every day I feel like I have something to moan about or something to worry about and I’m sick and tired of feeling so negative. As the clock strikes 12 tonight, I’m going to make sure I smile more and see the light in things. If I can’t be more positive then how am I meant to trick myself into making 2018 better than this trip around the Sun?

Lose weight – Close the door on your way out of the room please, elephant. There we go, I said the one thing we’re all thinking: ‘Is he going to take this new year as an opportunity to finally shift some weight?’ Well, the answer is yes. In 2017, I joined Slimming World and lost two and a half stone. Then I left Slimming World and put on two stone. Then I re-joined Slimming World and couldn’t be bothered so gave up. But this year, with my new positive outlook on life, I’m determined to make it work. After denying it for so long, I’m ready to admit that I’m unhappy and I hate my body. I aim to lose *deep breath* five stone this year, and I’ll be sure to let you all know when I go the other way and put three stone on.

Do something for charity – This kind of ties in with the above goal. I’ve always wanted to do something for charity but never quite known what. So in 2018, my best friend and I will be taking part in the Walk 1000 Miles challenge for charity. I’ll be posting more about this when my fundraising page opens in the next couple of days, but I will be walking for Crohn’s & Colitis UK – the leading charity in the battle against Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, both of which my mum has.

Pay off debt – During university and my internship, I took out every loan and applied for every credit card that would have me and now I’m in some deep shit. So I’m going against my usual resolution of ‘to save money’ and hoping to get rid of every penny I earn if it means that I can get my finances back on track before people start knocking on my door to take away the very little that I own.

Get on a plane – Much to the frustration of many around me, I’ve never left the country. But with a friend planning to get married in America in 2018 and with a passport finally ordered, I’m hoping to finally get out of here.

Make more of an effort with friends – Like many, I have friends scattered all across the country but upon reflection of our meets this year, I’ve realised that most of the time, they came to see me, not the other way round. So this year, I’ll be packing my bags and seeing my faves a lot more often.

There’s one more goal that I’m actually not wanting to talk about publicly just yet but, as soon as it’s achieved, I’ll be posting about it.

I really hope you all have an amazing 2018. I’ll speak to you in the new year.

Samuel x