367 days ago, I launched this blog with a welcome post and (what I thought at the time was) a fancy, mysterious Instagram post.

My opening blog post stated:

“Blogging. A hobby that I’ve never been able to upkeep. Every now and then I’ll start a blog, post a maximum of two times and then abandon it. Not anymore.”

And that lasted all of one month. When this blog expired, I thought to myself ‘Why even bother renewing it and pretending you’ll make one of your resolutions to start blogging again?,’ but then I remembered how much I’ve hated 2017 and how uncertain 2018 is looking for me and after flicking through countless celebrity endorsed positivity and motivation journals (which all look a load of crap, to be frank), I’ve decided to dust off this crooked old blog and use it as a space to empty my thoughts.

So this, my little corner of the internet – whether it’s read by many or few – will be used to rant about what’s niggling at my amygdala, for me to speak about the joys of my 2018, and to update you on what I’m listening to; because pop music, however cheesy it can be, will forever be my passion.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what tripe I can type out for you all. Let’s hope I make it past February 3rd this time.

Speak to you soon (maybe),

Samuel x