It’s that time of year again. The time of year that we pin our hopes on a budding recording artist and a song, send them to Europe and then hastily reject them when they return with a low number of points through no fault of their own with only the politics of the game to blame. Yes, the Eurovision Song Contest is on its way.

This Friday (January 27), six former X Factor hopefuls will battle it out for a ticket to Kiev, Ukraine to fly the flag for our country in May. I’ve listened to each song a few times now, and have ranked them in order of my least favourite to favourite below.

6. Lucie Jones – ‘Never Give Up On You’

Remembering how strong Lucie’s voice was on The X Factor and seeing that Emmelie de Forest was a songwriter on this track had me really excited but it just falls flat for me. This just does not feel like a Eurovision entry to me.

5. Nate Simpson – ‘What Are We Made Of’

Another one that just doesn’t feel like a flag-flyer to me. These are great songs in their own right but I don’t feel like they fit the brief.

4. Danyl Johnson – ‘Light Up The World’

This is where I think the competition really begins. ‘Light Up The World’ is a bouncy pop song that I could definitely see at the Eurovision Song Contest. If this song was selected without competition I wouldn’t be mad at all but it feels like it falls a tiny bit short of the other three tracks.

3. Holly Brewer – ‘I Wish I Loved You More’

Picking the top three of this list was actually pretty tough as I think they are all really strong songs. I am a fan of this song but I’m not too sure that it’s a Eurovision winner, and that’s why it’s finished third on this list.

2. Olivia Garcia – ‘Freedom Hearts’

I loved Olivia on The X Factor last year and was gutted when she didn’t make it to the live shows of the series so was really happy to see her participating in You Decide. When I was listening to the tracks for the first time, it was ‘Freedom Hearts’ that stuck with me and I definitely thought it would be my favourite until…

1. Salena Mastroianni – ‘I Don’t Wanna Fight’

This song feels so Eurovision. This song feels so now. I think it is just the song that we need, especially in the current state of the world (and in the midst of the views the majority of Europe probably has of us right now). I’m always overly-optimistic about our end Eurovision result but I genuinely believe that we can earn a respectful amount of points if we send Salena.

Which of the six hopefuls is your favourite? Let me know on Twitter.