Dear 2016,

As you draw to a close, many people are giving you a lot of stick, but I’d like to tell you how much I’ve appreciated you. Yes, you have taken a hell of a lot of talented people from us and made some people in this world make some stupid decisions but personally, you’ve been the best year I’ve experienced so far.

You’ve helped me to graduate from university with a first (even after I decided to change the topic of my dissertation 48 hours before hand in), and you’ve guided me towards an amazing career. You’ve helped me realise who’s important in my life; I’ve let go of people I thought meant a lot to me and I’ve reconnected with people that my life was not the same without.

As people bid good riddance to you and look hopefully towards your successor, I feel nervous as I anticipate 2017. Will it continue to bring me joy like you have? Will it sort out the chaos that my planet has been thrown in to this year? Will it all work out okay?

I know a lot of people are angry with you but I couldn’t help by write this note to you to tell you that you have given me some of the most amazing memories, helped me grow into the real life adult that I’m becoming (?!) and that, by me at least, you’ll be missed.

Let’s hope more people will be happier with the 365 days that will follow. Goodbye 2016.

Thank you, Samuel x