Blogging. A hobby that I’ve never been able to upkeep. Every now and then I’ll start a blog, post a maximum of two times and then abandon it. Not anymore. I’ve decided that this time around I will post regularly and I’ve even parted with money for a domain (fancy) to encourage my new forced hobby.

I’ve reached a point in my life that’s really exciting; I’ve graduated from university, moved out of home for real, and managed to blag myself my first ever salary job, and it’s a point in my life that I want to document.

I’ve done a lot of writing in my time – both academically and as a (kind of) journalist – and I really miss it, to the point of feeling envious when those of my friends that are still in education complain about having essays to write. I miss feeling my ideas spill out on to a page, so where better to share my thoughts than on my very own blog?

I hope that some of you find something vaguely interesting enough here to want to follow my journey of blogging.

Samuel x