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Drawing a Line

I'm not going to promise to keep up blogging regularly this time because I'm sick of writing it and I'm sure that all 0 of you are sick of reading it, but I have some thoughts that I need to... Continue Reading →

Resolutions Recap

Now that we're all caught up, I thought I'd talk you through how I'm getting on with the 'goals' I set myself at the start of the year - can you believe we're already 1/3 of the way through? I... Continue Reading →

Let’s Have a Catch Up

To whoever may read this, I think it's time we had a bit of a catch up, don't you? As promised, I have completely failed to keep this blog up, but now I'm back. Again, I know, how many times... Continue Reading →

Walk 1000 Miles

Today is my first working day of the year, so that's when the goals really start to come into action, right? In my blog post a couple of days ago, I mentioned the Walk 1000 Miles campaign. Walk 1000 Miles is... Continue Reading →

No More Resolutions

I hate the term 'New Years Resolution'. Every year I bounce around a generic aim that I know I won't achieve and will be forgotten by all before we hit February 1st. So this year, instead of pinning my hopes... Continue Reading →

Welcome Back

367 days ago, I launched this blog with a welcome post and (what I thought at the time was) a fancy, mysterious Instagram post. My opening blog post stated: "Blogging. A hobby that I've never been able to upkeep. Every... Continue Reading →

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